Shopify Email editor is updated

We can use new product grids, button styling, and a divider section.

If you are not familiar with Shopify Emails, go check out the docs and promo page. It is an awesome tool to make branded emails from already made templates for any occasion, handled within Shopify admin Marketing area.

Canceling a return available

Merchants can cancel a return after a return request has been made.

You can do it in these cases:

  • The return isn’t refunded.
  • The return isn’t restocked.
  • The return is open and not Marked as returned.
  • The return doesn’t have a return label.
  • The return doesn’t have any tracking information.
  • The fulfillment for the return isn’t canceled.

Geolocation app by Shopify was improved

Shopify decided that having a region instead of the currency is better so they changed focus from currency to regions.

To use the Geolocation app, you must sell in multiple languages and in multiple currencies. The Geolocation app offers recommendations only for the languages and countries that you’ve enabled. After the setup, you will see the region dropdown in the footer of your store.

But if you take a look at the reviews from the community, you will see that the app is really raw: I hope that Shopify will improve it soon.

Google reCAPTCHA for customer login page

If you don’t know yet, Shopify had some issues with bot spam signups with gibberish names:

A lot of merchants were getting dozens of fake customers with weird names. This was caused by completely open process of account creation, without any spam protection. By filling and submitting the register form Shopify was creating account.

After a lot of troubles with the merchant complaints, Shopify decided to enable Google reCAPTCHA on login, contact form, create account and password recovery pages.

To setup Google reCAPTCHA on your store you can go Online Store > Preferences.


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