Long time no see! It’s been a long time since I wrote the latest digest. Let’s correct this oversight.

Commerce+ event

This event was launched to unite founders, business leaders, and brand builders.

We saw such Shopify-based D2C brands as Pharrell, Gym+Coffee, Mented Cosmetics, and Lounge Underwear who were speaking about their successes, failures, and findings.

The next chapter was about Bala, Bombas, Dose + Co, Peak Design, and Seed companies, which have shown amazing growth during the 2021 year.

Shopify Markets

This is a new global eCommerce hub. It provides shopping in customers’ local currency by converting your storefront prices to 130+ international currencies, your store will be translated via third-party translation apps (Weglot, Langify, Transcy, etc.).

At this moment the hub is available only as an early access feature, which you can request here.

B2B for Shopify Plus

Shopify promises to launch B2B-related features in the first half of 2022, and they will be operated from the same centralized admin panel that merchants have.

ShopifyQL Notebooks

This feature will be visualizing datasets from multiple sources in a single interface, to provide merchants with a complete set of data with a new data query language – ShopifyQL (actually it is the query language of the Shopify Analytics API) and it is similar to SQL request.

TikTok Shopping

This is a Shopify app, that creates video ads for promoting your products on TikTok.

Now, our new TikTok Shopping allows brands to create a mini-storefront on TikTok by adding a shopping tab to their profile and integrating their Shopify product catalogue. They can then tag and link to products in their organic TikTok, seamlessly bringing commerce to the For You Page.

New PHP Shopify API library

This library is built to be used as a foundation for Shopify apps, and it doesn’t have any framework dependencies.

You can get it here.

New Payment Flexibility API

This is a new API that was built to improve the ability to control due dates of orders, for example for B2B merchants, by providing the PaymentTerms object with options such as overdue or dueInDays.

You can get docs here.

Gift Card API

Finally, Shopify added this API. It is available as a REST or GraphQL. From this moment such apps as ReCharge will be able to manipulate gift cards from their APIs and will not have a lot of weird duct tape approaches.

Check the tutorial here.

Dawn 2.3.0 release

Since v.1 we have got 50+ bug fixes and 30+ feature enhancements and up to this moment, the average frequency of releases is twice per month.

You can get the latest Dawn theme here.


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