About me

8 years of front-end development background in E-commerce and Healthcare areas. I’m focused on JavaScript and React, using some Node.js for back-end tasks. I have a deep knowledge of the Shopify platform and its ecosystem, while Magento 2 is my secondary focus. I’ve worked with BigCommerce, and Salesforce SFRA. My third interest is AWS as a foundation for all cloud activities.

My path started with plain HTML/CSS/JS in MakeBeCool. I appreciate the long way I passed with this team.

Now I work as a Shopify Senior/Technical lead Developer in the SoftServe E-commerce Center of Excellence. It is a huge company specializing in consultancy services and software development. It is one of the largest software developers in Eastern Europe and the largest outsourcing and outstaffing IT company in Ukraine. It’s fun to work here.

My tech stack is:

  • JavaScript, React/Redux, Node.js, Express
  • HTML5, CSS3/SASS/LESS, a11y, SEO
  • Shopify apps development (Shopify Polaris, Shopify Hydrogen), Magento 2, Salesforce SFRA, BigCommerce
  • REST, GraphQL, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Jest/Vitest/Cypress
  • AWS, Contentful
  • Git, Gulp, Webpack, SonarQube

I’ve been working with Shopify more than 3 years. I love Shopify, I do it and I believe in it.

I did a lot of theme customization, themes from scratch for different clients, starting from small shops, startups, up to Shopify Plus stores with huge amount of products and unique features.

Now my goal is to centralise my expertise, to share it and to form myself into a focused developer I want to be.